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BatchRip is a command-line 'batch' front-end to 'dvdshrink' allowing you to archive multiple titles from a single (or multiple) DVD(s). The executable file is ''.

BatchRip will use the DVDShrink configuration as needed.

BatchRip requires that you have all of the necessary dependencies for 'dvdshrink' installed and functioning.

Uses 'dvdshrink' to archive multiple titles to MPEG2 then optionally builds 'dvdauthor' XML files and authors the DVD(s)

-a|--audiostream <num>
    Tell which audio stream to rip from the DVD9.
    Tell to start the DVD5 burn after ripping and otherwise processing the source DVD9. This will prompt you to insert the cor- rect blank. This infers the -d and -x options.
    Tell to author the new DVD5 on the hard drive.
-e|--episodes <num>
    Tell how many episodes should be authored per DVD5. The script is capable of ripping a whole series of original DVDs and storing ALL of the MPEG2 files on the hard drive; then authoring and burning ALL of the new DVDs in a single 'batch' run. To do this issue with only the -e option specifying how many episodes to put on each new DVD5 _UNTIL_ the last time is called. For the last run tell to burn the new DVD5s by issuing the -B option. All of the DVD5s will be authored and burnt in sequence with the correct number of episodes per DVD.
    To be used _ONLY_ when a single DVD5 is to be burnt. No prompt will be is- sued by the script and multiple devices are neccessary.
-i|--interactive will run in interactive mode querying you for information.
-l|--lasttitle <num>
    Tell batchrip the number of the last title in a sequence from a to b to rip where a is the title to start with and b is the title to end with.
    Tell batchrip to delete the log files created after a successful rip.
-n|--showname <name>
    Tell to use a specific show (or project) name instead of querying the source DVD for the information.
-o|--isodir <dir>
    Set a storage location for ISO images
    Tell batchrip to save an ISO image for archiving along with the DVD burn.
-r|--riplist <comma delimited list>
    Tell batchrip to rip the specified titles in order as given. Normally will rip all the titles starting at the start title and ending with the last title specified by the -s and -l options. If you want to only rip titles 2,4,5 and 8 then issue -r 2,4,5,8.
-s|--starttitle <num>
    Tell which title to start with when you wish to copy all of the titles from a to b.
-u|--substream <num>
    Tell to rip the same subtitle stream for each title it works on.
    Tell to build an XML file for each new DVD5 that it will be writing with the specified number of episodes on each new DVD. Infers the -d option.
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