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   Version 2.6.1  -Disabled A/V synchronization check as it didn't appear
                  -to do anything but cause problems. 
                  -GUI enhancements
   Version 2.6.0  -Massive code re-write
                  -Enhancements to graphical interface
                  -Added code to attempt to fix any A/V desynch
                  -New DVD menu
   Version 2.5.1  -Fixed a nasty bug in the calculation of valid subtitles
                  -Added a menu system to multi-title DVDs
   Version 2.5.0  -Initial Sourceforge release
                  -Delete logs checkbox added. 
                  -Smarter logic in the GUI to weed out improper entries
                   in the entry boxes.
                  -Minimal 'restart' mode added to the 'episode' mode
   Version 2.4.2  -Unified single title/episode GUI. and
         were rolled into a single app with 
                  -selectable tabs.
                  -Minor change to '' (2 lines) to match the
                  -functionality of the GUI
   Version 2.4.1  -Code optimization in the functions file
                  -Some minor GUI work
   Version 2.4    -Bugfixes (thanks Agios and HawkWind)
                 -Logic fixes in audio stream selection
                  -New smarter installer for tarball
                  -New GUI items and functionality
                  -Fixed show-stopping bug in subtitle XML file checker
   Version 2.3.2  -Bugfixes due to batch ripping
   Version 2.2.5  -Added xml creation and dvd authoring scripts to match
                  -the output of the main scripts
   Version 2.2.4  -Fixed a nasty little bug in the requantization function
                   where a custom shrink rate would cause the script to barf
                  -Added the -n (--nodiskprompt) option so you could script
                   batch ripping.
   Version 2.2.3  -Some more minor fixes to bash (mostly for GUI function-
                  -Fixed some bugs in GUI
                  -Added functionality to GUI
   Version 2.2.2  -Replaced 'isoinfo' with 'dd' to get volume ID
                  -Some minor fixes to bash
                  -Some minor fixes to GUI
   Version 2.2.1  -Fixed a nasty bug (how did THAT get past 
                  -Added the graphical front-end to the script
   Version 2.2    -Logging added
                  -Moved cloning/copying to 'copydvd'
                  -No more reliance on 'grep' or 'gawk'.Just about everything is 
                   in-shell now with the exception of 'cat' and  'stat' which 
                   are part of the Linux core utilities.
                  -Code cleanup
   Version 2.1    -Added selectable title list
                  -Added debugging output (per command only if failure)
                  -Fixed lack of prompt with one device and auto-burn
                  -Re-wrote the audio and subtitle selection functions
                  -All files now in working directory
                  -'--jumpin' option added
                  -Code cleanup
   Version 2.0d   -Logic cleanup
                  -Code cleanup
   Version 2.0c   -First release with subtitles activated
                  -Script split into two files, one for execution
                   and the other for the functions   
   Version 2.0    -Added error-trapping
                  -Added failure handling mode
                  -Added output options
                  -Code cleanup
   Version 1.0    -First stable release.